The Discussion Collective, or DisCo, is a podcast of approachable, intimate conversations about life at the Claremont Colleges and the forces, personal and political, that shape it. Combining one-on-one interviews, panel discussion, and audio storytelling, we shed light on campus issues and analyze broader political movements as they relate to undergraduates.

A good discussion only demands one thing: we accept the possibility of being wrong. DisCo encourages acknowledging the limitation of ones own position, instead advocating for the process itself — the difficulty of translating ideas into words, the tension in respectful disagreements, and the discomfort of asking candid questions. These experiences have inherent value, separate from proving our own intellect or changing the minds of our peers.

Creating this space, however, requires practicing specific techniques: separation of person from position, charitable interpretation of opposing arguments, and empathetic listening. DisCo is the place where members of the Claremont community — students, faculty, and guests — can practice these techniques among encouraging and invested peers, running with different ideas, testing their merits, and pushing them to failure. We hope the endeavor will inspire us all to have more frequent, respectful, and insightful discussions of our own.